SOOO-WOOOOP! Sup Blood, and welcome to my website. I'm Wouncie, the photographer, designer, and main actor on my website: My website will surely be like no other site you've seen before. On my site you will see me in many of my Raw, Uncut Adventures. First and foremost I'm hearing that the Recession is finally over. I don't know about that, but what the fuck I DO know is that when it comes to me BUSTIN A DAILY NUT It aint NEVER been no recession! I will admit though, that unlike the pre-recession days when I was out clubbin everynight and runnin cross these Chicken Heads that was doing the same, MOST of my nuts have been busted in my own hands. LOL, I like to affectionately call them "Knuckle Babies". I personally know I prolly hold the "Asswatcher Knuckle Baby" world record! I'm not only the creator of the content, but I'm my own #1 fan. But on the bright side of this so called recession situation, these bitches are BROKE AS FUCK out here, and gettting them to fuck on film has been easier than ever. Hoes that in the past wouldnt THINK about fuckin on film are now fucking for a 2 piece dinner of that new KFC Grilled Chicken! Go ahead and Join Now to see how a Hood Rich Playa with a 8th grade education, a video camera, a few dollars in his pocket, and a MILLION DOLLAR MOUTHPIECE GETS THESE HOES TO GET IT IN! JOIN NOW! get your lube, lock your door, and Beat yo dick like it owes you money!! LOL, Knuckle Babies are the clean safe way to get yo shit off for the 2009!

Slim Twins gettin busy in the V.I.P.!

The Nice Puerto Rican vs.Mean Black Dick!

I got a Big Ole Booty and need a Big Ole Dick!

Shey Nasty represents for the 813!

Ecstacy shakes that money maker!

The Preachers Wife

School Teachers get nasty too!

Ghetto Grocery Store Clerk


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Ya'll niggas need to stop wasting time. Ya'll know that this is the ONLY black porn site worth breaking bread for. (That's paying to join for all you white boys out there) Join Today and see the full episodes on how the shit goes down. You will also see why I'm the #1 supplier of Big Black Booty on the fuckin net! Chuuuuuuuch!
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