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Tuesday, June 18, 2002

Big Booty Lisa shakes that big ole yellow booty to Tampa's latest hit song "These Hoes be Fuckin" by "Rated R". If none of ya'll cat's out there have ever heard "Slowed Down" music here is your chance to check it out along with Lisa's Fat Ass!

20 Photos and 2 LONG Video Clips added to our Members Section.

Monday, June 17, 2002

After suckin a little pipe "Delite" gets down to business and strips Butt Ass Naked for the camera before she gets to the second part of her interview ... "Getting a Bone buried Deep in that Ass"!

CLICK HERE to see "Delites" Butt Ass Naked!

15 Photos and 1 Video Clip added to our Members Section.

Sunday, June 16, 2002

Here's Sexy Ass "Juicy" showing her Fine Ass during our most recent photo shoot. I'm sure ya'll will love these High Resolution photos of one of Atlantas most sought after Hot Girls. Look at the spread on Juicy!

CLICK HERE to see more of this Photo Shoot!

15 High Resolution Photos added to our Members Section.

Saturday, June 15, 2002

Puerto Rican Mya has been a personal favorite for alot ya'll so I think it's only right that I bring her back for this update. Better yet, I'm bringing her back with a "Big Fat Dick" lodged in her mouth! How ya love that!

Watch Mya suck her heart out.

20 Photos and 3 Video Clips added to our Members Section.
posted by Wouncie | 08:30 PM | 40 comments

Friday, June 14, 2002

Sexy "Deja" from does a sexy strip out of a sexy black dress into a white two piece before she hits the stage! Deja probably has the Prettiest Tittys I've had on the site so far. She's definately the kinda female you can have on your shoulder as well as on your lap! Enjoy.

CLICK HERE to see Deja give a Lap Dance!

25 High Resolution Photos added to our Members Section.

Thursday, June 13, 2002

It's the "Worlds Famous" 50 inch Ass toter ... "Big Booty Coco" from showing off that fat back again. Fella's, Im sure you all heard the joke about a hoes ass is So Big that you can "Sit your Drink on It"! Well here is Big Booty Coco showing and Proving! Enjoy!

CLICK HERE to see Big Booty Coco give a Lap Dance!

CLICK HERE to see Big booty Coco with a Fat Dick in her mouth!

25 High Resolution Photos added to our Members Section.

posted by Wouncie | 03:59 PM | 18 comments

Wednesday, June 12, 2002

Jaycee (from explains her definition of No Limit in this update. After getting her "Freak On" in the middle of the wilderness she tells everybody out there in "Internet Land" that ... "If your lady aint willing to try the freaky shit ... SHE IS! For all of you who have never seen a "Big Fat Black Ass in a Thong" strolling through a secluded path in the woods, you are sure to enjoy this!

Check out Jaycee's website!

20 Photos and 1 Video Clip added to our Members Section.

posted by Wouncie | 02:13 AM | 33 comments

Tuesday, June 11, 2002

Here are a few pictures out of my "Personal Archives". This booty has a name to it but its one of my "Personal Pussy Holes" who chooses not to have her face shown right now. Sorry guys but at least I am bringing ya'll the "Ass Shots"! Iwill be posting more of her soon so I guess I will give her a name just for the record. Hmmm, let's see ..... O.K. I got it. I introduce to you cats ..."Perfect Slim". But If you cats ever been in the Emergency Triage at the St. Josephs Hospital this ass may look a little familiar to ya. But I can't put her shit out there on the site just yet ... The pussy and the head is just to good to be fuckin it up for a few Dick Beaters.

Check out the "monkey" on this Hot Girl!

15 High Resolution Photos added to our Members Section.

posted by Wouncie | 01:54 AM | 8 comments

Monday, June 10, 2002

Take a look how Lisa handles gettin a BIG DICK in that tight pussy of hers Doggy Style! If you listen to the first clip good you can here how Lisa's Tight Lil Pussy starts gettin wet and makes that sexy Smacking Sound! By the way Lisa moans there is no doubt in my mind that Doggy Style is her Favorit Position!

CLICK HERE to see Lisa take it Doggy Style!

15 Photos and 2 Video Clips added to our Members Section.

posted by Wouncie | 10:53 PM | 11 comments